The Sound UPDATE: DJ Paul says that fellow Three 6 Mafia member Koopsta Knicca is still alive and breathing, despite initial reports of his death. “I talk to the Dr. Directly jus now n he still breathing,he aint goin out without a fight so keep praying yall,” DJ Paul said via Instagram. The hip-hop world has […]

Juicy J was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night, forcing him to cancel a scheduled show in San Francisco. The “Bands A Make Her…

Original Three-6 Mafia member and co-owner of Taylor Gang Records, Juicy J, will be taking a medically imposed break from his “The Hustle Continues Tour” after canceling his Saturday show in San Francisco. Juicy J apologized for the cancellation and asked fans to pray for him after announcing via Twitter he would miss the show due […]

Pop singer Katy Perry is riding on another wave of success. Her latest album “Prism” is still producing singles that chart impressively. The latest one is her Juicy J collaboration called “Dark Horse.” Unexpectedly, the pop record has been receiving a lot of love on urban radio. To help continue that movement, Perry went on […]

According to Eben Gregory, there is super sad news in the Hip Hop world today. Three 6 Mafia‘s group member Ricky “Lord Infamous” Dunigan has reportedly passed away. He was only 40-years-old. Dove Clark, the publicist for the group, reportedly gave a statement saying, “He did pass away at his mothers house last night in […]

Oscar-winning rapper DJ Paul is feeling the effects of being arrested in New York City last year for carrying a taser. The Three 6 Mafia member was sentenced to community service in connection to his weapons arrest. Police detained DJ Paul after he was seen leaving a restaurant with an open beer. After being questioned […]

Hours after being arrested in New York City for carrying an open container and a taser, Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul told VLADTV his side of the story. After explaining how he was stopped for trying to ditch his beer and having a taser found on his person, he says that he was in jail […]

  In the next episode of’s “My First Car” Juicy J remembers buying his first car, a Ford Fairmont, as a teen and ultimately crashing it into a tree in front of his boy’s house. Watch more “My First Car” episodes on TheUrbanDaily: Which Slaughterhouse Member Bought A Car From A Crackhead? [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] […]

What exactly does it mean to be “ratchet”? Juicy J, the man behind the latest ode to clear heels and indoor precipitation “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” has confessed that he can’t resist a woman of said variety. It’s become the most repeated line in a song that features two guys well known for their […]

While visiting New York City,  Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul stopped by The Source Magazine offices. When he was there he realized his former group had never been on the cover of the mag. DJ Paul asked The Source’s Editor-In-Chief Kim Osorio about the oversight and things got interesting. Though the conversation never became […]

Craig Petties, half brother of DJ Paul, is accused of 50 federal indictments including conspiracy to commit six murders and the trafficking of cocaine and marijuana.