Often, when our favorite artists get popular, their come-up gets obscured behind their explosion onto the scene. But the truth is, your favorite artist was hustling long before their “overnight success.” In The Ed Lover Show‘s “Behind The Hip Hop” segment, you get a close look into the hustle of today’s hottest artists and how they […]

The Life

T.I. came through to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to talk about his newly-released EP Da’ Nic. In addition to hanging out and having fun, he talked to us about why he decided to change his name, his return to trap music, and more. T.I. explained how his name is originally “Tip,” who heavily influenced him to change his moniker […]

Hot 107.9’s #BirthdayBash20 weekend wrapped up with our Next To Go concert at the Variety Playhouse, which hosted the very first Birthday Bash that featured…

Very rarely do you get a chance to talk with one of your favorite artist and entertainers. I can tell you that as soon as the station made the announcement that T.I was stopping through Indianapolis, I was on the hunt to lock down an interview with the King. I didn’t get much time but, […]

Music mogul Diddy can’t stop, won’t stop acquiring millions. However, while he is quick to start a new business venture to get money, he is very stingy when it comes to giving it away. Apparently, Diddy is being shamed publicly by a NYC restaurant for failing to tip a waitress after racking up a $200 […]

Celebrity News

  Upon delivering a pizza to a Sanford, Florida customer, a  Papa John’s Pizza delivery man “butt dialed” the customer from the home that he had just delivered to, and left a voice mail message jam packed with  racial slurs and complaints regarding his tip. Wow! Sanford Florida, things are not looking too swift in […]

Atlanta may be a hotbed of hip hop now but let’s not forget who laid the foundation for the scene that exists today. Big Boi,…

DJ Drama recently revealed that T.I. was working on a book in a recent interview. T.I. will be home from prison September 29. He released his final message last week and says when he returns he plans on taking it back to where he started, “TRAP MUZIK shit.” Lets hope T.I. writes a book that […]

T.I. is expected to be released from prison in September. He and Lil’ Wayne seem to be some of the few rappers who was able to stay in contact with the fans from prison. T.I.’s final letter to the fans from prison hit the net today. Check out the letter below. What up world? This […]

Rumor has it that there is a Real Baby Mothers Of Atlanta reality show in the works.

There was minor speculation that Jay-Z was taking shots at rapper LL Cool J in a recent interview. T.I.P. had something to say about that, and staying relevant in the rap game.