For all those with no access to commercials on public television, actor extraordinaire Tom Cruise is starring in the new movie “Edge Of Tomorrow,” a sci-fi action flick in which Tom’s cowardly character Major William Cage is killed over and over again during an alien invasion that threatens to wipe out the human race. During […]

If the movie “Groundhog Day” and the video game “Halo” had a baby it’d probably be this next sci-fi flick starring Tom Cruise called “Edge Of Tomorrow.” Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an officer who has never seen a day of combat but finds himself dropped in a futuristic version of Normandy where he […]

  The Gods of the Yes-Men are rejoicing heavy now. Jamie Foxx, the Oscar Award-winning star of the silver screen was reported by In Touch Magazine via multiple-source confirmations that Jamie was jumping off with Katie Holmes on a regular basis. In other words, Foxx pulled the ultimate homie-hop by claiming Katie, ex-wife of his […]

  As weird as this sounds, rumors have been swirling (see what I did there?) about Jamie Foxx dating actress Katie Holmes. The pair was first spotted out at various events in August and the gossip of a relationship has been spreading since. However, Jamie Foxx is finally coming out to deny said rumors. As […]


In an ode to an era that provided some of the most timeless and party worthy anthems music has ever known, Rock of Ages is a non-stop 80’s party drenched in some of Hollywood’s biggest names. In the Broadway to big screen adaptation directed by famed choreographer Adam Shankman (Hairspray, So You Think You Can […]

Has Beyoncé finally found a co-star for her long-reported remake of A Star Is Born? Maybe. says that Tom Cruise is in talks with the film’s director, Clint Eastwood, about possibly joining the cast. Cruise has already played a musician in the soon to be released, Rock of Ages, so presumably he’s ready and […]

In addition to being the son of the super rich Tom Cruise, Connor Cruise gets up to $10,000 a night to DJ. And on January 18th, Connor Cruise celebrated his 17th birthday with a big party at the Staples Center during a Los Angeles Clippers game. Why People Can’t Stay Away From L.A. Connor was […]

Has Lil Wayne signed Tom Cruise’s son, Connor Cruise to Young Money? It has not been confirmed but is reporting that the deal has taken place! Connor who DJs is said to be doing a few tracks for the group and might go on tour with Young Money. Lil’ Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait” […]

Katie Holmes was spotted poolside in an inny tiny bikini giving husband Tom Cruise a kiss on the lips. Check out the photo below:

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