In a recent interview with The Real, Janet Hubert expressed her admiration for Jada Pinkett Smith's artistry: "I respect Jada highly. I respect her skill, I respect her as an artist, I respect her as an actress, very much."

In this week’s episode of TVONE and’s “What’s Hot” we tell you about four essential summertime shows that you need to hit in your Toyota Rav 4. Rochelle Aytes Serves Up The Drama As A “Mistress” [VIDEO] Tank & Chris Brown Take Aim In “Shots Fired” [VIDEO] Will Smith Planning New Music, Brushes Off […]

Like most boys growing up, Rob McConnell enjoyed making a mess of things. “When I was young, I played a lot with Legos, taking things a part, putting things together,” said the Lansing, MI native. “Hot wheels, Matchbox, I was always just excited about cars,” McConnell, who admits to being exceptional in the maths and […]

There is nothing more classic than summertime in the city, but even the classics get remixed. This summer Toyota Rav 4 and TheUrbanDaily are putting a new spin on the road trip, taking you to the hottest events in the coolest cities around the country. Grab the wheel and crank up the A/C as we […]

Has Toyota finally done what Old Spice couldn’t and killed “Swagger” for good?