There was so much action during my interview with Charlie that we had to cut it into two parts. He gave a whole lot of awesome, and we just didn’t know where to stop the tape! So check us out below, at Maxie’s Grill in New York, drinking more than eating, when it really would […]

Philly 100.3 The Beat DJ KendraG1003 says, “Hey people! I really don’t like to spread the gossip anymore but…”

Soulja Boy’s new CD, iSouljaboytellem is in stores today and The Urban Daily caught an exclusive interview with the young entrepreneur. Click to watch the video!

Hot and sexy FHM model Jennifer Pierre shows off her unmentionables… as in her new lingerie line, Only You. The bi-racial beauty (Haitian/Italian) is this week’s Skin Deep pick of the week. Peep our sensual gallery below:

“Graffiti shell-toes / I’m real hip-hop” Click to watch…

With her new CD, A Different Me, coming in December,  Keyshia Cole gave her fans a behind the scenes look of her sexy new video, “Playa Cardz Right” featuring Tupac Shakur.

It’s getting cold outside in our part of the country so we need some good “winter boo” music. Thankfully, Phonte and Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange have served up their sophomore set, Leave It All Behind , for your fireplace foreplay pleasure. Click to watch their first video, “Daykeeper.”

So what if Jay-Z wasn’t voted the best rapper alive. He’s married to her….But what’s up with the Terminator/Dr.Doom fingers?