Dave Chappelle wants everyone to put some respeck on his name. Last week, ]a reporter from The Observer started a buzz that the legendary comedian was backing Donald Trump for the 2016 Elections — but Dave wants it to be clear that he’s NOT with him. TMZ caught up with funny man and asked him the […]

President Obama offered a game plan for Donald Trump and his surrogates on Tuesday afternoon.

Vic Mensa has never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the issues plaguing America.

Chance The Rapper always manages to change the game by playing by his own rules.

At this point, the only thing more disturbing than Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign is the idea of people voting for him. The Ed Lover Show takes some time to talk to listeners who wouldn’t be caught dead voting red on election day this coming November. These listeners hilariously explain some ridiculous things they would readily […]

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You’ve hit the streets. You’ve carried picket signs. You’ve joined choruses “No Justice, No Peace,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and even “Fight the Power.” You were angered…

Things are getting very real for an elderly Ohio woman who is a staunch supporter of President Obama. Apparently, the woman voted for the president in the recent election up to six times under different names and aliases. Melowese Richardson told a local Cincinnati television station that she cast an absentee ballot and then went […]

Voting is something you must do! It is not a choice. It is a responsibility. With the development of popular government comes the duty of…