Man look…we still don’t quite understand why people don’t just LEAVE when they start to dislike one another to the point of trying to kill each other! You NEVER HAVE TO STAY with someone you don’t like anymore just bounce. Grab your little ragady suitcase pack it and go! Don’t stick around and try to […]

According to CBS New York a Guatemalan citizen by the name of Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez, was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier his three checked bags containing cookies aroused suspicion. U.S. Customs representative Anthony Bucci told the New Jersey Star-Ledger: “Officers discovered cookies in his three checked bags. Inside the cookies, officers found […]

A 31-year-old Texas man is facing 95 years in jail after spreading HIV to a 15-year-old girl. Matthew Louis Reese may possibly be spending the rest of his life behind bars after being aware that he is HIV positive and failing to tell the 15-year-old girl he had sex with.   The girl, who said […]

  What…in…thee…name of Charles Manson is this foolishness about?! According to TMZ,  the Swedish black metal band Watain sprayed pig’s blood on concertgoers during their show in Brooklyn on Sunday night … and the crowd didn’t all take too kindly to the experience.  Some reportedly Watain , whose members are devout devil worshipers, played their only U.S. summer […]

This is the weirdest story we’v heard in a while! How in the world anyone could compare being a member of the NAACP to being in a white supremacy group we don’t know…but according to KVUE,  prosecutor Steve Brand did it!  Check out the video below for the entire story!         He […]

Wow. Some things you just don’t want to believe, but when you it’s right in front of your eyes, it’s hard not to. The woman, pictured above, went on a tirade calling a black man the N-word for the most absurd reason. (It’s never okay to call someone the N-word, but this was just beyond ridiculous.) […]

It’s always harder to get out of trouble than it is to get into it. One Florida woman is learning the hard way because she’s trying to divorce her incarcerated husband, but can’t serve him with papers because his location is being kept a secret because he’s in the Witness Protection Program. Scott Rothstein is […]

It was a very long day for unsuspecting passengers when they boarded a United Airlines flight in Houston and headed for the bright lights of New York City. What was supposed to be a non-stop flight to the Big Apple was brought to a halt in Memphis when a passenger on the plane decided he […]

Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson shocked everyone when the once-gay man renounced his sexuality and said he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. Now the baby boy is here and Dodson is already thinking about the  child’s sexual future. Dodson recently said if his son is gay, he will still love him regardless, but try […]

We would love to say we don’t know what we would do if we were ever in this situation but umm we don’t want to lie! Take a look at a story that our Dish Nation friends found and then you tell us….what would you have done had you been in that position?     $1,000 […]

Let’s face it, the city of Chicago is going through some tough times when it comes to gun violence. Many residents believe Mayor Rahm Emanuel could be doing a lot more fore the city than he actrually is. This is proven by the fact his approval rating has dropped to a dismal 29. When it […]

Women have always had to deal with not getting equal treatment in the work force. Despite having to do the same job as a man, a woman normally gets paid less. The thing is, women do the same jobs as men while dealing with some recurring natural pain in the form of their monthly visitors. […]