The Life

Afrika Bambaataa is in hot water after being accused of sexually abusing hundreds of young boys throughout his early days in hip-hop.

  Anyone who is well versed in Slum Village or J. Dilla specifically for that matter, knows who Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes is. Ma Duke’s is  J. Dilla’s mother and a beloved mother figure to many in the Hip Hop community. According to Ma Dukes reached out to “The Worlds’s Most Dangerous Site” to set […]

  Thanks to our attention was drawn to a new situation! Once again, Twitter comments have been a catalyst for some interesting exchanges within the last 24 hours! Seems like maybe tensions are running high because the air is so full of uncertainty, but still! This time it was  producers taking to the 140 character […]

   This Friday food for thought message was brought to you by the Universal Zulu Nation. Members of the Universal Zulu Nation don’t seem to like World Star Hip Hop at all, so they wrote a letter to the site’s creator, Lee O’Denat. The site specializes in shock videos, mainly, and normally display nothing but […]

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare)1605 East 174th Street, Bronx NY 10460 When: November 12, 1973 What: Wanting to combine his love for music with his influence on fellow gang members and other local kids to create a force for positive change, Afrika Bambaataa organizes one of the largest gangs in New York […]