A few weeks Kanye West debuted his acting chops with the premiere of his short film “Runaway.” After watching the video, we at TheUrbanDaily thought it would be great to see Kanye in some other films*.

*These movies are just funny pitches. Enjoy the “posters.” We had fun with it!

Star Wars: Lando’s Revenge

Imagine a Star Wars spin-off for us (black folk). Here’s the set up: Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) has a son, Lando Jr. and Lando Sr. is killed right in front of Jr’s eyes. Oh sh*t! 20 years later Lando Jr (Kanye, of course) avenges his father’s name. It’s about to get cracking with light-saber guns! Let’s go!

Unbreakable 2

After a near-death car accident, Kanye gets his chin replaced with a metal plate. What he doesn’t know is that he’s part of a whole government conspiracy to build super humans made with titanium. He meets up with Bruce Willis, another super human experiment, and they team up to fight the man!

Miss Congeniality 8

It’s about time we killed this Taylor vs Kanye battle once and for all. Taylor Swift co-stars as a beauty pageant contestant where Kanye is the host. This comedy will be great for the whole family!

The Day The Earth Stood Still 2: The Day The Earth Got Real

Days after calling the president a racist for how his staff dealt with Hurricane Katrina, Kanye is commissioned to go around the world to keep it real. In this dramatic role, Kanye tells Drake that he can’t sing, tells MC Hammer to stop dancing in diss videos, and asks Ryan Leslie what is really on that laptop of his.

Soul Plane 3: The Dark Twisted Fantasy

After his impromptu performance aboard a Delta Airlines flight Yeezy is offered the starring role in this unlikely sequel. In SP3 Kanye gets his Eddie Murphy on playing not one but three different roles: A war veteran turned airline pilot on his last flight before he retires, a disgruntled first-class passenger who is harassed by the paparazzi and a flight attendant with aspirations to rap who just quit his job at Jet Blue.

Give us some of your movie suggestions in the comments! We’ll select a few of your ideas to post!


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