If you thought this whole Chris Brown/Raz-B twitter beef was already ridiculous… it just got ridiciulouser.

Yes, we now that’s a nonsense word.

But then again, this whole Chris Brown/Raz-B beef is nonsense too, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t filter through all this crap on your behalf! (Thanks for reading it, btw)

But we digress…

Raz-B’s brother, who goes by the even more ridiculouser name of Ricky Romance, posted a video response to Chris Brown threatening to put a pistol in his mouth if he ever saw Brown in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown ain’t no punk though (had a hard time writing that with a straight face).

He hit Ricky Romance (pardon me for laughing on the inside) back with a tweet saying that he’d be in Los Angeles very soon.

LOL at the holiday car commercial playing in the background.  GANGSTA!

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