According to TMZ Antoine Dodson, the “Bedroom Intruder” song star, is filming a reality show with E1 entertainment. While the show doesn’t have a name yet (“To Catch A Predator” is already taken and Martin Lawrence has “Run Tell Dat” on lock), it is being executive produced by actress Kali Hawk.

Dodson came to prominence last year for showing out during a news report about a reported rapist in his housing projects. The assailant attacked his sister Kelly and escaped through their bedroom window. The bedroom intruder is still at-large but Antoine Dodson has ticked off 15 minutes of fame and then some with a bedroom intruder song, a sex offender iphone app, a Santa-bashing Chimney Intruder Christmas song and now a TV show.

The pilot hasn’t been picked up by a network but his catch phrase “You So Dumb” is the best title we could think of for so many reasons.


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