Nate Dogg worked with a a literal who’s-who of the music industry.  Artists ranging from Brian McKnight to Lil’ Jon enlisted Nate’s unique singing style for their own songs.

Since his death yesterday, many celebrities have been reflecting on their relationships with Nate Dogg on Twitter.

Pete Rock: “Wow im stunned about nate,i knew he had sum health issues but daaaaamn man i hate when somebody dies young man!!! As we get older we gotta be more conscious of our body’s. Care more about what we intake. Dont know what nate’s issues were but daaaaaaamn man,he is one of the reason’s why The Chronic was so ill. God Bless u nate,a true G fa real. I cant beleive it.”

T-Pain: “RIP to the original hook master #NATEDOGG there will never be another.”

Jermaine Dupri: “RIP Nate dogg, this is f**king terrible!! my prayers go out to the Pound and his family.”

Kurupt: “S/o [shout out] ta my bigg bro. Nate mothaf*ccin dogg. There’s only 1 ambassador of tha west coast. Ya hea me. I luv u cuzz.”

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