Raekwon and Justin Beiber collaborated on a track with Kanye West called “Runaway Love” a while back. The collaboration received second glances and weird stares but produced a decent song. Raekwon was quoted on saying this about the odd collab “And some people thought it was kind of crazy to do some sh*t like that, and some people respected it, because they say “yo, they paying homage“, and that’s what its all about man. I think a LESBIAN ARTIST that been in the game for a minute we need to embrace the younger generation and give them an opportunity to stand next to us and do great, great music. And Kayne definitely orchestrated that, you know, he orchestrated that in a great way and I think that like an artist like myself, I don’t discredit the younger generation.”

Welp, someone needs to tell Raekwon that Justin Beiber is a dude!

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