While The Roots can now count on their new gig as Jimmy Fallon’s house band to pay the bills, their love for music is still as strong as ever. In a recent interview with, ?uestlove touched on his work with D’Angelo, as well as the next Roots project.

What was once seen as a shelved project, D’Angelo has plans to release his follow-up to 2000’s Voodoo this year. ?uest, who has worked side by side with the R&B singer on several past projects, will also make his mark on D’Angelo’s new disc.

The last I touched this record was in 2004, and that was when he was going all the way rock,” ?uestlove said. “However, I am to believe at least in our conversations that he did 100 percent just actually a clean slate…I’m one of the last elements to be added. Which basically means he’s at least more than halfway done, which in D’Angelo speak is a miracle.”

Settling down for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” The Roots will still do one-off gigs on the weekends to keep their live performances fresh. Not only that, but they are reportedly already getting material together for their next album.

“We started our 11th [album], I’ll say three weeks ago, before we came over [to South Korea],” ?uestlove explained. Continuing, he added, “I assume that all our studio activity will triple now that we are in one steady place. Not to mention, we actually convinced [NBC] to build us a studio in the dressing room.”


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