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CLOSE went where most not dare to go. While comparing Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim generated much acclaim, the bigger picture in all of the beef was actually who are the better female rappers out there? I honestly couldn’t think of 40, I didn’t know there were 4o; but Vlad does–so here are some of the femcess that made the list!

40)Lil’ Mama

At the ripe age of 17, Lil Mama paved the way for her career with her smash hit “Lip Gloss” in 2007. The single was on constant rotation on New York’s Hot 97, which helped solidify her success and set her up for a contract with Jive Records. From there Lil Mama brought in famed producers Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz and DJ Green Lantern to help with her debut album VYP, where she collaborated with Chris Brown and T-Pain.

35) Khia

Rising to success with her 2000 club hit “My Neck, My Back,” Khia took the rap world by storm with her powerful, yet raunchy lyrics. The hard spitting Tampa-based femcee let her lyrics flow effortlessly on her debut album Thug Misses, an anthem for strong women with a body-snapping beat. Khia backed up her success with her 2005 sophomore album Gangstress, as well as hopping on tracks with Trick Daddy and the legendary Janet Jackson.


Attaining chart topping success as the female lead in the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has established herself as a successful artist. As a solo artist Fergie has also proved that her witty and fast spitting rhymes stand on their own. On her debut solo album The Dutchess Fergie got in touch with her early days of hip hop, and paid homage to female rappers like Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte.

13)Remy ma

Hailing from the Bronx, Remy Ma got her big break when Fat Joe took her under his wing. She jumped on the scene on Terror Squad’s “Lean Back,” which showcased her straightforward, “in your face” rap style. Remy went on to guest star in M.O.P.’s “Ante Up” remix, giving her the platform to go out on her own with her debut album There’s Something About Remy. Shoving gender roles to the side, Remy came out a true winner in the rap world.


Taking the rap world by storm as Ruff Ryders first lady, Eve proved that she could hold her own amongst the hard core male rappers surrounding her. Striking massive success with her debut album Let There be Eve…Ruff Ryders First Lady being the second female rap artist to reach #1 on the Billboard charts. Going on to reach international success with “Who’s That Girl,” which showcased her singing ability along with her equally impressive rap skills, Eve continued to gain praise for her work. She landed her first Grammy for the single “Let Me Blow Your Mind,” a collaboration with Gwen Stefani and went on to gain platinum success for her work on the song.

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