DMC of Run-DMC has confirmed that the group will not be performing this weekend as they are inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For me, I tell people, ‘Do you want to see me and Run running around without Jay?‘ ” DMC said to MTV News “They tell me I could get Grandmaster Flash [to fill in]. But I can get any DJ in the world if I want. It wouldn’t be right. I can’t replace my drummer.”

There will be a video tribute to the group put together by the Rock Hall, although DMC is focusing on what he’ll say when he gets in front of the podium.

They said, ‘You have all the time in the world. We don’t want you to be too long, but we don’t want you to be too short,’ ” he said, laughing. “Then they said, ‘You should write something.’ I said I wasn’t gonna write something; I was gonna freestyle it. But then they scared me again with [clears voice], ‘Make sure you get it right, because you only get to do this once.’ ”

DMC enters the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Metallica and Bobby Womack.

For me, personally, I just love what gods are gonna be in the room,” said DMC. “I’m a rock-and-roll fan, from Led Zeppelin to Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix.”

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