#TwitterAfterDark may never be the same.  Not that humans haven’t become detached enough  from reality, now some innovative onanists found a way to mount a sex toy to your iPad 2. Rather than say, mounting another PERSON.

What To Do In The City That Never Sleeps

The creators of the Fleshlipad were sitting around one day, iPad in one hand and Fleshlight in the other and thought, “How cool would it be if I could Mack on my Mac. Literally!”  Forget those boring work spreadsheets…now you can…well…insert bad pun here.

This conceptual design titled the FleshliPad Holder, melds the Fleshlight device to a rubber housing for the Apple iPad (or alternative tablet) allowing the consumer to interactively reach self-gratification with various pre-recorded multimedia (photograph, video or animation) designed specifically for the tablet-penis interface.

We guess there has to be an alternative for the anti-social technophile with the sex drive of an android. Find out more


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