After the Sister Code actress replied to Kanye's now infamous rant about Wiz Khalifa by claiming 'Ye was all about some fingers in the booty action, a sex toy company wants Amber to hawk their prostate massagers.

Kandi Burruss wants to help men enhance their “super powers.” In 2012 the singer, songwriter and reality TV star launched a line of intimacy enhancers called Bedroom Kandi. Since today is her birthday and the best kind of sex is birthday sex, we wanted to share Kandi’s advice for men wanting to use a toy […]

Durex just gave us one more reason to NEVER lose our smartphones. The condom maker’s new product “Fundawear” allows people to virtually touch each other using sensors in their clothes operated via remote.  Your partner is able to “touch” you using the app on their phone and activate censors in your erogenous zones. RELATED: She Uses […]

#TwitterAfterDark may never be the same.  Not that humans haven’t become detached enough  from reality, now some innovative onanists found a way to mount a sex toy to your iPad 2. Rather than say, mounting another PERSON. What To Do In The City That Never Sleeps The creators of the Fleshlipad were sitting around one […]

Watching Whoopi Goldberg get down with a vibrator is nowhere on our bucket list, but the talk show host and her colleagues shared a whole lot with their audience on a recent episode of The View. Citing an article in The New York Times pointing out the growing acceptance of vibrators, the hosts swapped stories […]

Our crazy cohorts @BuckieNaked and @ItsyagirlAC at HotHipHopDetroit surprised Nicki Minaj at a recent party with a goodie bag filled with…Well watch the clip. From what we understand she sings on stage with them and our Cleveland and Detroit heads thought it would be a great gag to give her two of the biggest ones […]