Durex just gave us one more reason to NEVER lose our smartphones. The condom maker’s new product “Fundawear” allows people to virtually touch each other using sensors in their clothes operated via remote.  Your partner is able to “touch” you using the app on their phone and activate censors in your erogenous zones.

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Watch a video demonstration below:

As cute as this sounds there are just way too many drawbacks. This is not what AT&T had in mind when they said “reach out and touch someone.” If you lose your phone someone will be able to jingle your significant others bells from just about anywhere. And as if the art of communication wasn’t already on its deathbed, now we don’t even have to talk our lovers into the mood. Now we just tell them to put on some drawers with electrodes and push a button? Boooo. Roger Troutman did not die for this.

But we guess Durex had to find a way to make money off of people too far apart to use condoms.

Tell us what YOU think. Would you use “Fundawear”?

[spotted @Buzzfeed]

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