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Queensbridge MC Nas continues to show his maturity through his rhymes.

Recently, the “Daughters” rapper went on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien to discuss his latest project, Life Is Good, and to talk about his use of the word ‘n****r.’ Soledad O’Brien began the interview by questioning Nas about his relationship with his daughter. Nas shared that he asked his daughter, Destiny, if she thought he was a bad father and Destiny told him he was a great dad. The legendary MC then talked about how he felt when he first saw tweets Destiny posted about having sex and things of that nature. He said he almost felt like she was a rapper in her tweets because he never saw his daughter in that light.

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As Soledad O’Brien wound down the conversation about Nas’ children, she asked him about his use of ‘n****r’ and his feelings about it. O’Brien asked why he used the word at all and Nas responded, “It’s young street corner language that winds up on the radio. The older I get, the less I see a use for it.”

It looks like Nas’s daughter’s childish behavior is really making Nas grow up himself. Too bad that doesn’t work for all parents.



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