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The internet was almost sent into a tailspin when a photo of a woman believed to be Kim Kardashian sitting naked on a bed surfaced on Twitter. A few radio DJs retweeted the picture saying Kanye West had posted this photo of his girlfriend. Depending on how much time you spend studying Kim K’s butt, you knew that wasn’t her at all.

The woman who is shown in the picture is a porn actress named Amia Miley (@amiamiley). She tweeted the photo with a caption that read, “See, skinny girls can be curvy too.”

We at The Urban Daily were talking about it and started spitting out reasons why Kanye wouldn’t dare tweet a picture of naked Kim. Check out our list below and tell us why you think Kanye West isn’t stupid enough to twitpic Kim Kardashian’s naked ass.

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3. He Got Twitpic’ing His Girl Out Of His System With Amber Rose

When Kanye West plucked Amber Rose from stripper obscurity, he had to keep showing the world how bad his shorty was. Naturally, there were nude photos leaking of Rose left and right. Once Kanye dropped Amber, he lost the urge to twitpic such foolishness. No matter how tasty those cakes look, Kanye is keeping all of Kim’s to himself. We already downloaded her sextape anyway. #imjustsaying

2. Kim Just Bought Him a $750,000 Lamborghini For His Birthday

That three-quarter million dollar car is enough to buy some amount of loyalty, right? Kanye wouldn’t play Kim like that for fear she might have the whip repossessed faster than she ended her quickie marriage to Kris Humphries. You know Kim is notorious for changing her mind and often. Don’t believe me, ask Kris Humpries’ still broken, barely beating heart.

1. He Doesn’t Want To Get Fined By The Illuminati

It’s a secret society and all they ask is trust…and a smidgen of decency. If we are going to believe the Illuminati has infiltrated every avenue of entertainment, then we must also believe the Illuminati forced NBA Commissioner David Stern to fine J.R. Smith for tweeting a picture of his girlfriend Tahiry’s lovely lady lumps. Smith was fined $25k for a picture of his girlfriend in a thong. If Kanye tweeted a fully naked picture of Kim K, the Illuminati would fine him the million Jay-Z was planking on.


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