The internet can’t get enough of celebrities beefing or putting hands on each other. In the latest installment of celebrity beat owns, Drake and Chris Brown squared off in the club over Rihanna’s cake cake cakes. As crazy as it seems, Breezy was the one that walked out the club with a gash on his face.

Since we’re all on this Drake and Chris Brown fight, The Urban Daily began reflecting on other bottle bashings involving celebrities. Although there are millions of these types of incidents, the ones we’ve rolled out are below are our favorites. Take a look at 3 other celebrity bottle bashing incidents. Watch your head though, somebody might bust you in the head for reading this. We’re kidding.

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3. Lil Mo

Former Missy Elliott protegé and Fabolous partner in song was attacked with a bottle after finishing a concert in San Francisco back in 2001. Lil Mo was rushed to a hospital where she received 20 stitches. The fallout behind this was massive. Mo fired her bodyguard for not guarding her damn head. She also canceled all of her appearances until she felt comfortable enough to be in public. Ja Rule certainly wasn’t crying with her when she was at home nursing her head wounds.

2. Da Brat

So So Def rapper Da Brat proved she was about that life when she was sent to prison for mollywopping a waitress in the head after a verbal disagreement. According to eyewitnesses, Da Brat took the coward route and waited until the waitress had her back turned to go oops upside her head. Because of Da Brat’s actions, she was forced to spend the following three years in a state penitentiary playing some Big Bertha’s  jailhouse playtoy. For some reason, I don’t think Da Brat minded too much.

1. Diddy

This is one of the most famous bottle bashings in hip-hop history. Steve Stoute caught a champagne bottle to the dome for airing an unapproved scene of Diddy nailed to a cross in Nas’ “Hate Me Now” video. Puff initially signed off on being hammered to a cross, but after speaking with his pastor, he decided against it. I’m sure Diddy’s pastor used up a year’s worth of Hail Marys to get Jesus to forgive Diddy. Think about it, he simulates a crucifixion, has a change of heart due to religious beliefs, and then goes and wastes a bottle of Cristal by bashing dude in the head. Jesus was definitely proud of Sean Combs at that moment. #sarcasm


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