Pusha T is one of those artists who is so laid back and cool, you sometimes forget how talented and influential he is in the music industry. Thank god for his hip-hop angels Kanye West and Pharrell, who have no problem speaking on his behalf, letting the world know about the prodigy that is King Push. This […]

Leave it to Combat Jack and his crew to get Dame Dash to say what no one thought he would! In the ongoing social media  battle between Dame, Funk Flex, Lyor Cohen, Joie Manda and now Currency…things have been said that have gone pretty far over the line. So, once Flex went on air and ranted […]

Damon Dash has no problem telling anyone what’s on his mind. He’s been going on a spree airing out his grievances and putting record execs on blast through his Instagram account. Even today, he posted a back and forth between him and Funk Flex about as a radio DJ, his influence on hip-hop is real […]

Popular business man Dame Dash has always gotten himself into trouble for the things he’s said. Dash has never sugarcoated his opinion even if that is the reason people have chosen not to work with him in the past. None of that matters to Dash because he recently went all the way off in an […]

In a recent interview with FUSE, rapper 50 Cent finally explained what he and Steve Stoute were speaking about at a Knicks game after Stoute had taken to the Hot 97 radio waves and verbally assaulted 50. Take a look at it in the video below!       Well did he answer your questions? […]

Media mogul Steve Stoute has helped pushed the culture of Hip-Hop into a corporate setting. After bringing artists like Nas to the masses, Stoute helped secure major ad campaigns for Hip-Hop’s elite. But at what cost? According to another media mogul Dame Dash, Steve Stoute is hurting Hip-Hop more than helping it. Dash took to […]

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Well..now it’s all starting to make a little bit more sense! As we previously reported, 50 Cent has been a little less than disenchanted with comments made by Steve Stoute in recent weeks. But now that cooler heads have prevailed, we see WHY Fif went so hard on Steve both during the half-time at a […]

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As we previously reported, Steve Stoute made no friend out of 50 Cent last week when he publicly bashed 50 and said his career was basically over in an interview with Angie Martinez. Apparently 50 Cent feels even stronger about the whole Steve Stoute thing than we previously thought! He has been wilding on these […]

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Ohhhh boy! According to Eben Gregory, rapper 50 Cent is in every last one of his feelings because of the shade that his former colleague Steve Stoute threw at him during an interview with Angie Martinez at New York City’s famed radio station Hot 97. Take a look at what Stoute had to say about […]

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Translation CEO Steve Stoute shook up the ad world when his 8-year-old company scored the Bud Light account from competitor McGarry Bowen. Stoute’s Bud Light work will appear in this year’s Super Bowl, showcasing Translation as a force to be reckoned with. Stoute, who has managed Mary J. Blige and Nas, has been widely credited […]

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The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, known as FFAWN, is having financial troubles and has been hit with two lawsuits. Like TheUrbandaily on Facebook for the latest entertainment news, interviews and opinions on your favorite celebrities According to The NY Post, a group of musicians who performed […]