Popular business man Dame Dash has always gotten himself into trouble for the things he’s said. Dash has never sugarcoated his opinion even if that is the reason people have chosen not to work with him in the past. None of that matters to Dash because he recently went all the way off in an interview about music industry veteran Steve Stoute.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Motivation, the former Roc-A-Fella CEO talked about how Steve Stoute helped greedy white executives rob us of our culture and destroy brands of some of our favorite artists. The whole conversation started because Dame was asked about the dysfunction in black business. Dame said, “You know how many Black people I tried to put together to make movies? There always be that one group – or because of Steve Stoute, or somebody that’s a ‘culture robber,’ or doesn’t care about his culture – [that] would break that up.”


Dash went on to reference that fact Stoute was instrumental in getting Jay Z in a Budweiser commercial when Budweiser put a confederate flag on the bottle. I’m sure the irony of a black man hawking a product with a symbol related to slavery isn’t lost on you. Dash the used Mary J. Blige’s ill-fated crispy chicken Burger King commercial as another example of how Stoute is destroying peoples’ brands.

After airing out his professional grievances, Dash let people know that he also didn’t like Steve Stoute on a personal level as well. “I don’t like that dude because he doesn’t care about his culture. And he’s a liar. I watched him tell me all of LL Cool J’s business and all of Nas’ business when they weren’t doing well, so I never trusted him. And I also watched Biggie Smalls’ crew put lipstick on him and a wig on him when he fell asleep.  That’s how I first seen him. So I couldn’t respect him ever since that day,” Dash explained.

As it turns out, Steve Stoute had to be checked by Dash for trying to poach talent from the Roc-A-Fella stable, namely DJ Clue.

Check out the video interview below. Does Dame have a point or is he just being salty?

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