Leave it to Combat Jack and his crew to get Dame Dash to say what no one thought he would! In the ongoing social media  battle between Dame, Funk Flex, Lyor Cohen, Joie Manda and now Currency…things have been said that have gone pretty far over the line. So, once Flex went on air and ranted his behind off you would think that would have been the end of it. But of course you would be wrong…because Dash wasn’t done! For goodness sake he’s Damon Dash after all!

Mind you, these guys may have all come up around the same time and have experienced Hip Hop in different ways…but they have all seen and done A LOT! The lessons they took away from what they did and said as young men in the game are just as diverse as the paths that their careers have taken on in later years. This is not up for debate because it’s flat out fact…however, what is apparently up for debate is what has become of them since they have taken to those paths and why!

According to Vlad TV, Dame took swipes at both Flex and Ebro Darden. (Poor Ebro had two legends calling him on the carpet this week as Chuck D has been giving him the business via Twitter as well…yikes!) Basically Dash said that he doesn’t expect Flex to understand his perspective because they are cut from two different cloths, as Flex & Ebro of Hot 97 have “worker” mentalities and will go hard for corporations that cut their checks, yet don’t care about the culture. He also feels that Lyor Cohen & Joie Manda hyped Flex up into defending them.

Oh and we almost forgot! Dash also mentions slapping Steve Stoute once…no really! Take a listen!



Everyone’s truth is different…guess these guys are telling their respective truths as they see it…or are they? Hmmmm….something to ponder we guess.


Dame Dash’s 2014 Timeline
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