Kanye West recently debuted the title to his new song– “Perfect B**ch” and admitted that his inspiration to the tune in none other than his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. In words of J.Cole “Nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect for me”!

Here’s 15 photos to substantiate his claim!


kim kardashian kanye west sneakers

She rocks the new new Air Yeezy’s…

sunglasses and advil

kim kardashian tweet

She knows the lyrics to his song… well sort of, replace “trill” with “real and she’s got it!

kim kardashian orange soda

She drinks orange soda!

kel orange soda

kim kardashian kanye west boots

She supports his clothing line by actually wearing some of his pieces!

kim kardashian riding horse

She knows how to ride…a horse (dirty minds).

kim kardashian gown

That cake, cake, cake!

kim kardashian baby hairs

She keeps her baby hairs neat!

dash store

She has her own money and businesses!

kim k scenery

She enjoys nature!

kim kardashian swimming

She doesn’t mind getting her hair wet.

kim k body

That b-a-w-d-y!

kim kardashian weave

She knows to pat her weave instead of digging (might mess up the tracks).

kim k rollercoaster

She’s fun to hang with and likes roller coasters!

kim k food

She knows how to order…cook!

kim k diamonds

“Those ain’t conflict diamonds, is they [Kim]? don’t lie to me man”

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