To those of you already heartbroken about the marriage between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson going straight to hell at light speed following him allegedly head butting her, take a deep breath before reading this story.

The couple was previously accused of having a false union fixated on boosting each of their respective fame. Needless to say, a gossip story that claims Evelyn decided to end her marriage to Chad after she found out their reality show was cancelled will only boost that cynicism. Y’all need to quit.

Or not. Whatever floats your boat.

In the meantime, here’s what the Chicago Sun-Times claims:

According to a source close to Lozada, she phoned her attorney to file for divorce immediately after getting the word VH1 had jettisoned her new show.

“She was really pissed. … Evelyn is all about fame and self-promotion, and once she realized that marriage [to Johnson] wasn’t working to help that — she was out. … She’s tough and could handle the abuse, though most of it with Chad was verbal. But she can’t stand the chance of not being in the public eye anymore.”

This is a little unfair. She’s still on Basketball Wives, and even though her unfortunate alleged attack has stopped her spinoff from happening, she will get a bunch of press outside of the show that first made her famous. Evelyn is a smart cookie. Once she heals, the PR machine will get its roll on (word to the Big Tymers).

Y’all keep believing in love, kiddos — self-love and love of attention included.


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