Although Eve has noted that Nicki Minaj is “doing her thing” on several occasions, some have pointed out that her highlighting the obvious – Nicki Minaj is a huge success – isn’t the same thing as saying that she actually likes her. So is she merely keeping it politically correct? Hardly, says Eve.

However, in an interview with Fuse TV, Eve said:

“I like Nicki, man. People want me to not like her, but there’s nothing not to like. She found a lane and she’s living in it and she’s doing her thing. Why not?”

As for another rapper on the rise, Azealia Banks, Eve added:

“I like Azealia Banks. Some of her lyrics are real cute. Plus, she’s in the fashion world. That’s my religion.”

Now as it pertains to her long awaited new album, Lip Lock, yeah, that’ll be a bit longer. In a separate interview, Eve said that while you can expect a single sometime at the end of the year, the album won’t be out until next year. Finally.

Meanwhile, check out the Fuse interview below:


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