2011 was a watershed year for Beyonce —her album “Four”  solidified her reign as the queen of R&B, she was handpicked by director Clint Eastwood to star in “A Star Is Born”, and literally stopped the presses when she flashed her growing baby bump at the VMA awards.  Fast forward to 2012, Mama Bey still rules from her platinum perch, except for the pesky business of finding a leading man for her movie.

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Eastwood has courted A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, and Tom Cruise, but they’ve all responded with a polite, “thanks, but no thanks.”  The constant rejection is turning into a bad industry joke for Eastwood, Beyonce and Warner Bros. studio.

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Eastwood and the studio seem dead set on casting a White actor in the lead, most likely to give the project a more “universal” appeal.  The thought of casting an African-American actor might make the project “too black” and we wouldn’t want that, right?

Maybe, just maybe Eastwood might need to switch up his game plan and open up the playing field to a leading actor of color–may we suggest Lenny Kravitz?

We list three reasons why casting Hollywood’s newest up-and-comer  as Beyonce’s leading man could guarantee box office success.

Mainstream Appeal

 Lenny Kravitz’s  music career has spanned over two decades, and in that time  has amassed one of the most racially diverse followings rarely witnessed in the world of rock.  Lenny is just as comfortable belting out “American Woman” as he is collaborating with hip-hop prince, Drake.  Lenny is a citizen of the world, who proudly embraces his biracial heritage (his mom is actress Roxie Roker of “The Jeffersons) and is embraced by both the mainstream (read “White”)  and black community.

In addition, Lenny has made some smart movie choices, appearing in the blockbuster “Hunger Games” and is currently shooting The Butler with Precious director Lee Daniels.

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We know Beyonce recorded the soundtrack to “A Star Is Born” while still pregnant with Blue Ivy last year, but adding Lenny in the mix could raise iTunes downloads exponentially and broaden the film’s mass appeal.   Seeing as Bey looks to  Tina Turner as one of her idols, she can finally channel her inner rock girl and tear up the stage with Lenny in a bad ass musical montage on the big screen.

He’s A Rock Star Baby!

Seeing as Lenny’s got the sexy rock star role down pat in real life, no need for research. If you’ve ever seen the man perform on stage, it’s hard to believe all that energy and sex appeal is contained in a 48 year old body.  You can’t buy that kind of charisma even with the best acting coach or years of Method acting.


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