Singer Miguel talked about the state of R&B in an exclusive interview with Miguel, currently enjoying the success of his latest single “Adorn,” joined other contemporary singers in label-dashing and but did note that he, among others are retaining certain characteristics of the R&B tradition while simultaneously pushing its boundaries.

There’s been a lot of criticism lately from fellow R&B artists on the state of the genre. Some aren’t happy with the heavy dance music influence. What are your thoughts on this?

I think categorizing is such a corporate thing. It wasn’t something invented by artists. If you’re really trying to be creative, if your music is really reflective of your life, it would be really hard to put into just one genre.

That’s what happened with R&B for a long time. No one was letting their influences in to their music and they just kept doing the same thing over and over and it got kind of redundant. I think there’s a hand full of people pushing the boundaries and staying true to the feeling of R&B music but not being pigeon-held by the stereotype. People like Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Frank, of course. And Cee-Lo’s been pushing those boundaries for a long time. That’s it really. It’s just a handful.

So would you call yourself R&B?

This album is much more alternative than R&B, I’m gonna be honest. But I’m still R&B. I don’t stray from that. That’s where my roots are.

Oh, and if you didn’t know already he would like to inform you that he’s a freak, too.

Tell me a secret…

Hmmm, I guess it’s not a secret that I’m a f-ckin freak…I guess everyone knows that by now. (Laughs) Hmmmm, I’m nervous. I’m nervous about this album. I’m nervous because…it’s different. You never know how people are going to take different. We’re not really used to different. We don’t take unfamiliar things too well. I’m excited because people are going to find their own things to connect with these songs. But I’m nervous.

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