If you are an R&B fan in the technological age, chances are you have heard about something singer/actor Tyrese has said on Twitter. Although the man has authored books, typing a 140 character tweet continues to be an arduous task for him. Besides the spelling errors and horrific grammar, Tyrese is known for tweeting something trying to sound philosophical but usually winds up looking like a bigger fool than the parody page (@TyreseWisdoms) makes him appear to be.

We thought we were done having to see Tyrese’s unintelligible musings until he decided to tweet about making love at 4 am this morning. The singer turned rapper known as Black Ty said, “Making love and images of your kids start popping up in your mind cause you love being in there so much…..” While I don’t have kids, I’m quite sure there is not one other man on this here planet who allows pictures of their children to enter their brain when they are in the midst of rocking their lady’s boat.

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Since none of Tyrese’s friends are friends enough to tell him to halt the incoherent tweeting, we decided to hold a mirror up to his face and allow his own tweets to be reason enough to get him to delete the social networking app from his phone. Please be advised the tweets you are about to read are from Tyrese’s actual Twitter page. (@Tyrese)

1. Some would say this is an early sign of a pedophile, but we’re just saying..

2.I’m tired of people having babies before they get a middle school diploma. Oops I meant high school just like I’m sure he meant gas money.

3. What the hell are you talking about?Shut up!

4. I could rest my case here, but just for sh*ts and giggles, we will continue.

5. Since when is the size of your bed relative to the size of dreams you have? Dr. Tyrese, care to enlighten us?

6. I felt extra dumb after reading this out loud.

7. He is not the same, he is a martian…born in Watts, California.

8. …And when you don’t have the English language completely understood, continue to tweet like this and hope people start to understand you.

9. You want me to take five minutes to read something you wrote?! I haven’t I already given you enough attention with this post?

10. So making it through the other days in  the week before next week is against the law in Tyreseland?

11. See, this is why black people still ain’t free!

12. You don’t think, proofread, or spell check before you tweet and we allowed you to cook.


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