The openly but not totally consumed by the topic bisexual rapper Azealia Banks has developed quite an affinity for her gay fans and vice versa. However, as she explains in a Q&A with Rolling Stone, don’t assume that sort of thing happens all the time for every member of the rainbow (with a different kind of read).

So do you feel a special affection for your gay fans?

Definitely. I mean, I’m bisexual, so it makes sense. But I don’t want to be that girl who says all gays necessarily hang out together, of course! I have people say to me, “Oh wow, my friend is gay, too,” and I’m like, “Yeah, so?”

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, add Ms. Banks to the ever-expanding list of celebrities, who just like you and me, obsess over the greatness that is Beyoncé.

Who did you admire growing up?

Aaliyah. And I love Beyoncé – she’s the queen of everything. She’s the most remarkable performer and musician. And this is just my humble opinion, but I just think she’s better than everyone else making music right now.

Are you still starstruck by her?

Yes, and I met her – and I cried! It was so embarrassing. It was at the Met Ball. I was fucking around with Kanye and she was sitting there, chilling and eating dinner. I freaked out. And I realized she saw me being a dummy and I started crying. Then I saw her expression, like, “Girl, get your shit together.” I had to walk away and get myself together and pat my face, then come back to properly say hi! And if I meet her again someday, I’ll probably cry again.

Perhaps one day you’ll be tourmates.

(look of shock) I don’t think… Ah, don’t even get me aghast right now. Look at me, you already have me thinking about it! It would be so fucking crazy.


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