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While visiting New York City,  Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul stopped by The Source Magazine offices. When he was there he realized his former group had never been on the cover of the mag. DJ Paul asked The Source’s Editor-In-Chief Kim Osorio about the oversight and things got interesting.

Though the conversation never became heated, the exchange of words did reveal how some media outlets dropped the ball when it came to covering southern hip-hop. DJ Paul can be heard saying, “We were lucky if once in a blue moon ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ played a Geto Boys video.”

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The clip ends with Paul jokingly saying, “We didn’t get the cover because Sony didn’t want to pay for that s**t!” Kim Osorio quickly interjects that The Source never sold covers to any artist or record label. Whether you believe her or not is your choice, but we have one question. Did they forget Three 6 Mafia were on the cover of The Source in 2007 after winning their Oscar for Best Original Song?



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