One thing we can say about Lil Wayne is he supports his crew with anything they do. Though it’s not the popular decision, Weezy is standing behind Drake‘s executive producing a posthumous Aaliyah album despite him having never met the fallen singer.

Lil Wayne co-signed Drake and the posthumous Aaliyah project by calling it awesome. Weezy F. Baby also claims the project can only be enhanced by Drizzy Drake’s thoughtfulness. When approached about his stance on the issue, “Everybody knows what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture. ‘s always good to do that not only for people like that, but for her fans. Drake’s a very thoughtful person, everyone knows that. It’s an awesome collaboration,” Wayne responded.

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Wayne then spoke about the albums Aaliyah created before she passed. He commented that most of her music still sounds current and better than some of the stuff on the radio. Lil Wayne concluded, “Her music is still awesome. It’s still better than a lot of music out right now.”

Check the video below.



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