I woke up smiling this morning. Before I laid down to sleep, I caught most of the Vice Presidential Debate. Before exhaustion forced my eyes to throw in the towel, I saw Joe Biden laying the ultimate smack down on Paul Ryan. Although Ryan tried to hold his own in some spots, Biden took him to school like it was his first day of kindergarten. Judging by how aggressively Vice President Biden went after Ryan and made him take responsibility for his and Romney’s comments and ideas for our nation, we think Biden had to be listening to the most gangsta playlist before he walked out on that stage.

Apparently, everybody on Black Twitter felt the same about Biden’s demeanor.  There were plenty of tweets noting Joe Biden was giving Paul Ryan the business like they were rappers engaged in a heated battle. Obviously, Biden was the winner and we think it was the music he listened to beforehand that helped him. Check out the ten songs we say Joe Biden must have listened to before he smashed Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential Debate.

1. Common – “The B***h In Yoo”

Common certainly wasn’t having it when Ice Cube tried to sling St. Ides and bean pies in the same sentence. Paul Ryan tried to sling tax cuts without detailing his plan. Joe biden wasn’t having that and brought the b***h out of Ryan with his opening sentence.

2. 2 Pac – “Hit ‘Em Up”

Pac came out swinging on Biggie with, “First off, f**k yo b***h and the clique you claim.” While Joe Biden did get a little aggressive, it was nowhere near this, but Biden’s face indicated he was ready to take it there if needed.

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3. Bone Crusher – “Never Scared”

In his 2003 song, the heavyweight rapper Bone Crusher spit, “Let a choppa go PLOOOOOOWWW! to yo melon. Now the plasma is oozin outta yo cerebellum.” If that ain’t what Joe Biden did to Paul Ryan, I don’t know what debate you were watching.

4. 50 Cent – “I’ll Whip Your Head Boy”

50 Cent warned potential foes against testing him because he and his boys would beat the stuffing out of said foe. Joe Biden didn’t even need his boys or square up to whip Paul Ryan’s head.

5. T.I. – “U Don’t Know Me”

Paul Ryan has been quoted, “I love Joe Biden. We just disagree.” The smackdown Joe Biden laid down responded, “You might’ve seen me in the street, but negro, you don’t know me!”

6. Crime Mob – “Knuck If You Buck”

Paul Ryan spent the majority of the debate spinning inaccurate facts and opinions. Once Screamin’ Joe Biden had had enough, he started knucking and bucking like he was ready to fight. Did you not see the way he turned around when he sai, “Oh, you’re Jack Kennedy now?!”

7. Meek Mill – “I’m A Boss”

Joe Biden knew he was going to have to remind Paul Ryan that he was actually the Vice president and Ryan is just a wannabe. What better way to get hyped to do that than playing this track?

8. Three 6 Mafia – “Whoop That Trick”

In “Hustle & Flow,” Terrence Howard knew how to keeps his hoes in check. Joe Biden had to check a hoe ass dude. So no further explanation required.

9. Rick Ross – “Hold Me Back”

Rick Ross won’t allow ignorant negroids to keep him from achieving his goal and Joe Biden refuses to allow a double-dealing politician keep from retaining hisVice Presidential office.

10. Yung Joc – “It’s Goin’ Down”

It went down. Joe Biden wiped the floor with Paul Ryan. Make sure you vote on November 6th.

Any other songs you think Joe Biden was listening to before he debated Paul Ryan? Let us know.


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