The two may be dealing with rumors of separation, but in their cover story for Rolling Out magazine, Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert offer advice on how to keep a couple’s intimacy interesting as well as an update on how Vince handles his health amid the stressful music business.

Although you guys argue throughout the day, it’s very apparent that you love each other and the bond between you is strong. Tamar, how can couples prevent things from becoming dull in the bedroom and what keeps that spark alive?

Tamar: Vince and I are really good friends and we keep our lives and communication open. On top of that, I just feel like it’s important to remain a lady. I don’t think you should always have your head in a do-rag and a scarf. You should remain the girl they saw [on] date night. There’s nothing wrong with going to bed looking pretty or just as good as you do during the day. The communication is the really sexy part of a relationship. Because when you feel like they can just talk to you, it’s very attractive. … You don’t have to dress up, but don’t go to bed looking crazy.

Vince, you have recovered from some serious health issues. The music industry can be very stressful. How do you maintain your health and keep a level head with everything that’s going on personally and professionally?

Vince: At the end of the day, my health comes first and I really think a lot of times it took me a minute to realize that. I just take my time and make sure that I go to my doctor appointments and eat right, and really just take my time and put that first before anything else.

Tamar, what are you doing to help him maintain his health and make sure he isn’t stressed out?

Tamar: I’m really working on that stressful thing. I try to do my part in that area, but what I do is constantly remind him to put his health first and remind him to take his medicine and eat. I will make sure he has what he needs to have. I try hard to make sure I’m there for him in every way possible.

You can check the interview in full over at Rolling Out.


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