We all remember when Eve came onto the scene in 1999 as the leading lady of the Ruff Ryders crew and rose to the top of the charts with her debut album “Let There Be Eve.”  After four years of an extremely successful career in music, Eve took some time off to focus on her acting career and fashion line.

With fans calling for her return to music, Eve came back to her rhyming roots in 2012 with a new song, “She Bad Bad.” It is the first single from her album, “Lip Lock,” coming out on her own BlondieRockwell label.

The response to “She Bad, Bad” from fans has been mixed thus far but we’re not giving up on the Pitbull In A Skirt. Here are five suggestions for how she can win in 2013.

5) Get The Right Guest Appearance

There is no denying the success Eve had with tracks like “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” “Gangsta Love,”  and “Love Is Blind” all of which featured some of Pop and R&B’s top chart hitting females such as Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. She is rumored to have a track with Lady Gaga on her new album, which could be the makings of a repeat radio hit. However, she should also consider teaming up with the hottest rookie out of Philly right now, Meek Mill. 

4)  Must Have A Song For The Molly Poppers

When the Latin-tinged  “Who’s That Girl?”  and “What Ya’ll Want” hit the clubs the crowd never failed to lose their minds, so Eve is pretty comfortable with an uptempo style.  These days, the house and electronic music scene is dominating and working with a house DJ would be a beneficial move to make. Eve is said to have worked with MSTRKRFT on this album, who have made their name in the house music scene working with such artists as John Legend, E-40, N.O.R.E., and other big names in Hip-Hop.

3)  Stay True To Her Unique Flow

Eve has always had a signature style to her rhymes. She delivers a smooth style to her rhymes effortlessly, while maintaining her rough around the edges lyrical content. The ratchet scene is becoming quite the trend right now, but for Eve, she has found all of her success in her signature sound and style. I don’t think anyone wants to see her fall victim to something like “Ratchet” (Cough Cough LL Cool J).

 2) Work With The Hottest Producers In The Game

Almost the entirety of “Let There Be Eve” was produced by, now one of the biggest producers, Swizz Beatz. He helped take Eve to a whole new level of her sound with his signature beats and the world ate it up. He is also putting some work in the studio for this album, alongside The Neptunes, Timbaland, The Cataracts, Alex da Kid, and many more. Not to mention her old beau Stevie J is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. A phone call skit with Mr. “Get On My Bus” alone would be hilarious.

1)   Tour, Tour, and….Tour

There is a lot of ground to cover once she releases new music, but the fans that gravitate to it will want to see a live performance. Now that the ritual of going to the store and buying a CD is almost extinct, concerts are becoming a big breadwinner for artists. Not to mention that this opens up social media possibilities for fans from each city to reconnect with her via Twitter, FB and Youtube.

If you have any ideas for Eve’s comeback hit her on Twitter @TheRealEve.

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