Album singles and music videos go hand in hand when it comes to being successful in this business. Missy Elliott became the best-selling female hip-hop artist because of her unique rhymes style and her wild and colorful videos. However, Missy came up in a time when record labels were forking over millions of dollars for a four-minute visual interpretation of a song. Those days are long gone. Whereas in the mid to late 90s it was nothing for Busta Rhymes to spend $2.4 million on CGI effects and lavish sets, artists are now forced to shoot videos with a budget that’s significantly less than your older brother’s favorite rapper. That’s where video director and all around renaissance man Aristotle comes in.

Aristotle got his start in the industry as a marketing student at New York City’s St. John’s Universty. He linked up with a student who had a dream but had yet to blow up and the pair helped each other make big things happen for themselves. The student happened to be Roc Nation flagship artist J. Cole. The initial marketing campaign and videos were done by Aristotle and his company By Any Means. By Any Means is a collective of industry professionals including directors, writers, and marketers all striving to maximize the impact and influence of their clients projects. Based off the work Aristotle and By Any Means did for J. Cole, Aristotle began working with other rap heavyweights like Fabolous and Nas.

Although By Any Means is an entertainment company, they also do work throughout New York City. Aristotle and By Any means are partnering with The Hood Chef to collect money and provide Thanksgiving meals to 500 New York City families. 100 hungry families in each borough will receive a meal cooked by one of New York’s best. You can visit the By Any Means site for more information. Now, back to Aristotle and his professional endeavors.

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Allow yourself to get acquainted with Aristotle as he talks growing up with a wild imagination and how that and his work with J. Cole, Fab, and Nas got him to where he is now–closer to the top than he’s ever been.


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