It’s a sad day in the world of bodega snacks. One of the hood’s favorite snack companies, Hostess, will be shutting down. Hostess was forced to leave the snack business after a huge labor dispute. (Someone may acquire the individual brands but they are a plastic wrap as a whole.)

With the company leaving the game, what other after school snacks will rappers compare women’s body parts and weak adversaries to? There was a Hostess product to describe everything. Though 50 Cent‘s line is “I love you like a fat kid loves cake,” you know he meant Hostess as much as he talks about somebody being a hoe or softer than he is.

Upon hearing the news, we decided to mourn the loss of the company with some of the best snacks by delivering the 17 best rap references to Hostess products. Put on your fat pants, sit on your couch, and open that last box of Twinkies because those will probably be the last ones you eat, if you don’t stock up like a few rappers and myself will do.

Peep The Urban Daily‘s tribute to the Hostess snack company. Shouts to for providing the lyrics!

1. Juelz Santana – “Cashin’ Out (Freestyle)”

“Got a coup on my pinky with a freaky bitch like Pinky/But she a bad bitch, like Nicki/Keep two of those like Twinkies.”

2.Yelawolf ft. Killer Mike – “Slumerican Shitizen”

“I’m on the sidewalk with this f**kin’ skateboard And these dirty ass jeans/I’m the boy that stole a pack of Twinkies And a bottle that’s green.”

3. 50 Cent ft. G-Unit – “Fat B***h”

“Them Twinkies got your ass gettin’ fat fat/Them cookies got your ass gettin’ fat fat/That paint got your ass gettin’ fat fat/Bitch you grown, that ain’t baby fat fat.”

4. Action Bronson ft. Statik Selektah – “Miss Fordham Road (’86 ’87 ’88)”

“Beauty Dior, Cherokee, Pinky/Roxy Reynolds bouncing on the steps, slinky/Give her something white and filled with cream — twinkie/Leave her blinded semen in her eyes — blinky.”

5. The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man – “The What”

“N*ggas know they soft like a Twinkie filling/Playing the villain, prepare for this rap killing.”

6. Chiddy Bang – “Opposite Of Adults”

“Problems when I get it I’m a pile it up/Now I’m dope, wonderbread we can toast.”

7. Beastie Boys – “Johnny Ryall”

“Tramp living in the men’s Shelter/Wonderbread bag shoes and singing Helter Skelter/He asks for a dollar.”

8. NECRO – “AsBESTos”

“You’re totaled, packed in a bag, like a yodel/Smash you.”

9. The Lonely Island (Ft. Chris Parnell) – “Lazy Sunday”

“I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling.”

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10. Beastie Boys – “3-Minute Rule”

“Mary keeps on turning and rolling like a RingDing/Jump the turnstiles, never pay the toll.”

11. Havoc (Mobb Deep) – “Same Shit Different Day”

“Here man straight up man/Cold p**sy, cupcaked out, I don’t know what the f**k is going on man.”

12. Gucci Mane – “745”

“Snowflake/Cupcake cornflake n*gga you too fake.”

13. E-40 – “Poor Man’s Hydraulics”

“Me no cupcake, me no mark/Me no sucka, me got heart.”

14. Game – “100 Bloods, 100 Crips”

“Ain’t no cupcake in him/Even Diddy know, I make the city glow.”

15. Mac Miller – “Good Evening”

“From all directions never find me on the one way flavor/The rhyme just the icin’ on the cupcake f**k face/My fans notice these other rappers is bogus.”

16. Shawn Chrystopher – “Sunset 26”

“I told the hostess I got my cake up/Hostess, cake, boy wake up.”

17. Luniz – “Yellow Brick Road”

“On the late night posted/Slangin cakes like Hostess/Sumpthin ferocious.”

Hit us up with your rap lyrics shouting out the former king of the snack cakes. To find out more about the business side of Hostess shutting down the company, head over to


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