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On his sophomore album A Dream Deferred, Brooklyn MC Skyzoo dedicates a track  to one of his hometown heros, director Spike Lee.

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On “Spike Lee Was My Hero”  Skyzoo and Talib Kweli reminisce over diced horns and voluminous percussion by producer Tall Black Guy in homage to the biggest Knicks fan ever.

“He put Brooklyn–he put us–in front of America on the screen no holds barred,” Sky tells “The thing that I drew the most from Spike was the ability to tell stories without being too biased in a sense. He’d put it on the screen and let you take from it what you thought. He gave you his opinion but no matter what side of the table you were on you could respect what was being said. He was able to be successful without biting his tongue, without changing who he was or what he was about. AND he was from Brooklyn. All of those things wrapped into one made me look at him with a cape on when it came to writing and telling stories.”

Watch the first part of our interview with Sky where he runs down his Top 5 Spike Lee movies and the video to “Spike Lee Was My Hero” below:

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