As you probably have already read, Rihanna‘s idea to fly a selected group of journalists, fans, and contest winners around the world for her ‘777’ tour has backfired. What was supposed to be a cool up close and personal trip around the world with Rihanna has morphed into a group of 200 people hurrying up to wait for the pop diva.

While the first day was all diamonds and the finest liquor, day six revealed Rihanna had barely spent any time with anybody on the plane besides her good friend Mary Jane. Did I mention Mary Jane was a plant that’s illegal in most states? But I digress.

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Many journalists have sent stories back saying they were initially promised personal time with Rih Rih and haven’t gotten anything from her except for the first day when she played flight hostess a little while on the first day. There have been reports of an Australian journalist stripping bucky ball naked and running up and down the aisles while passengers waited three hours for Rihanna to pick out the perfect pair of panties before moving on to the next city. At one point things got so crazy on the plane, agitated journalists began chanting, “Save our jobs. We need a headline. Just one quote.”

I, who was not invited on the trip, say although the selected journalists do have a right to be angry, they shouldn’t be complaining as much. I would love to be flown around the world in seven days for free with little to no sleep. Hell, you can sleep when you’re dead. Apparently, I’m not the only person who feels this way. The cast of “Soul Plane” also feels some type of way about Rihanna’s 777 tour turning into the 666 Illuminati Airways. Peep what the cast of “Soul Plane” had to say about this drama.


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