In today’s edition of delusional pop star news, boy band leader turned pseudo-R&B thug Omarion recently compared himself and his career growth to the likes of some true heavy hitters like Beyonce and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. When explaining to about his plans for his career, he stated, “This is the real grown-up me. This is that age when Beyoncé had ‘Crazy in Love’ and Michael Jackson had ‘Thriller’—when Justin Timberlake had ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds.’ I feel like I’m at that age.”

While we get what he means, Omarion knows damn well he can’t walk in Blanket’s socks. Plus, Michael Jackson was 23 when he dropped Thriller. In that case, Maybach O is five years past his “Thriller” moment. We wanted to show exactly how far off Omarion is from being in the running to be allowed to compare themselves to Michael Jackson. Rock with us as we do a rundown of how similar and different Omarion and Michael Jackson really are.

1. Dancing

Omarion has stated before that when he dances he is paying some sort of homage to Michael Jackson. However, Michael Jackson had a star making moment on “Motown 25”. Omarion had the BET Hip-Hop Awards praise dancing segment. See the difference?

2. Name Change

Though Michael Jackson never officially changed his stage name, by the late eighties, he did ask people to refer to him as the King of Pop. That wasn’t too bad since he was delivering the illest pop hits we had ever heard. Need we mention the five consecutive number one singles from “Bad”? When Omarion signed to Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group, he went from Omarion–which was already reaching– to wanting to be known as Maybach O. MJ was signed to Sony for years. Imagine him renaming himself Sony M. Exactly.

3. Early Bands

Michael Jackson gained fame when he fronted The Jackson 5. Omarion did the same with B2K. In spite of B2K having major success, their album sales pale to those of J5. In what world does the impact of “Uh Huh” and “Bump, Bump, Bump” match that of “ABC” and The Love You Save”? Don’t worry. We’ll wait.

4. Sex Scandals

They both got caught up in sex scandals for different reasons. Matter of fact, we ain’t even going to do Michael Jackson like that. You’ve heard the stories anyway.

5. Album Sales

Considering Omarion has only released three albums, we’ll only talk about Michael Jackson’s first three releases. In that case, Omarion still isn’t on the same playing field as Michael Jackson. As true Michael Jackson fans, we could’ve supported Omarion had he compared his projects to Michael’s three albums he dropped in the early 70s. The Artist Formerly Known As Omarion compared his music to “Thriller”. So we have to go there and we were trying not to take it there.

Omarion has sold a combined total of 1.2 million copies of all three of his solo projects. We won’t waste time comparing the sales of “Off The Wall,” “Thriller,” and “Bad” to anything Omarion could dream of selling. In an effort to be fair, MJ’s “Invincible” is his lowest selling project in the United States. “Invincible” still sold 2 million. I think that’s enough said.

6. Women

Say what you will about Michael Jackson’s sexuality, but that dude still bagged one of the most coveted women in rock ‘n’ roll history. Name another man that married the daughter of a superstar whose nickname you stole. Yes, Michael wanted to be called the King of Pop because he felt he was just as big as Elvis who was known as the King. After Michael married and divorced Lisa Marie Presley, he got married again and named his first born son after his former rival Prince. All of that proves Michael Jackson was a badass. We doubt Omarion is doing it like that. Who has he married, divorced, or had kids with? Oh, he’s still searching?

Share your reasons why Omarion should never try to compare himself to Michael Jackson in the comments.

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