Fans of MC Jean Grae’s off-the-wall lyrics and against the grain style have been patiently anticipating her projects, “Cake Or Death” and “Gotham Down” for a long minute and now the wait may finally be over.

According to a release from Jean’s manager Guy Routte, Jean is forming a new venture with W.A.R. Media called Kids Are Gonna Die (KAGD) following the dissolution of Talib Kweli and Corey Smyth’s Blacksmith record label.

Jean Grae is pleased to announce the launch of her company KAGD (Kids Are Gonna Die). Ms. Grae has partnered KAGD with W.A.R. Media for future releases and projects. Guy Routte, Jean’s manager and a CEO of W.A.R. Media bring years of experience and industry savvy to the merger, whilst the creative, unique energy of Jean guarantees a successful collaboration of multimedia products from the synergy of these two forces.

Postponed releases of Jean Grae’s highly anticipated albums “Cake or Death” and “Gotham Down” were inevitable due to the recent dismantling of Talib Kweli and Corey Smyth’s Blacksmith record label. Now operating as a free industry agent, Grae looks forward to releasing both projects in upcoming months in partnership with W.A.R. Media.

In addition to the release of a free downloadable Christmas EP “Ho X 3” on December 25th, Jean will be launching a bi-weekly web based sitcom called “Life With Jeannie” (anyone that follows her on Twitter knows that will be must-see TV.)

Earlier this year Jean Grae released the vertigo-inducing video to “Kill Screen” replete with internal visual clues and easter eggs that left fans with their brains oozing out of their ears.  Watch it below:

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