If you aren’t prepared for the end of the world tomorrow, you better get prepared and do it quick fast!

Thankfully, the good folks at, a video-conferencing company, compiled and a handy dandy cheat sheet of apps for us to download to survive the apocalypse that’s a-comin’. And if you don’t have a smartphone, which is the first step, welp, I guess we’ll see you on the other side…

There’s MapMyRun to see how far you have gone in your apocalypse trail, just so you don’t go back to where those zombies are. Around Me, which is pretty cool because it gives you can look up  a list of all the shelters in your area, if you need a place to take refuge. Not to mention it lists some a martial arts app (just don’t kick in the face or zombies will take a bite out of your leg) and first aid tips (just in case you actually do get bit in the leg).

If you have any other ideas for apps, list them below!


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