Radio host Tom Joyner had a lot to say Monday morning about the Washington Redskins coach, Mike Shanahan, comparing him to slave master Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) in the movie Django: Unchained.

Joyner believed that RGIII should have never played in the wildcard game on Sunday, and that ulitmately Shanahan should be responsible for his injury.

Tom Joyner: I’m just gonna say it, I think Mike Shanahan — the coach of the Washington Washington Football Team — could be compared to the character that DiCaprio plays in Django.

J. Anthony Brown: You’re absolutely right; keep fighting, Negroes.

Tom Joyner: Keep fighting, keep fighting. RGIII had no business playing.

J. Anthony Brown: At all.

Tom Joyner: The team’s doctor says that he was not cleared to play. Mike Shanahan put him in there anyway. If you saw the movie, just like DiCaprio had the Mandingos fighting in the room. That’s what he did. That’s what he did to RGIII.

J. Anthony Brown: Kirk Cousins did a good job when he came in there man, he really did.

Sybil Wilkes: Now, did RGIII play any part in that, in saying he was good to go?

Tom Joyner: He probably did.

Sybil Wilkes: So, there’s culpability on both sides?

Tom Joyner: Yeah, he wants to win. He wants the team to win at all costs. But somebody is responsible — and that should be Mike Shanahan — for saying, Okay son, I know you want to go in, the doctors say you’re not cleared. That’s Mike Shanahan. He’s gonna get the boy killed. And you don’t know how bad the injury is. He’s re-injured it. Will he be able to come back like Adrian Peterson? Not likely.

J. Anthony Brown: He’s as bad as the white man in Django?

Tom Joyner: He’s as bad as the mean white man in Django. Talk to me. Do you agree or not?

Catch the full audio at Black America Web.

To compare someone to a slave owner, fictional or not, is pretty harsh. Do you think Tom Joyner was right?

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