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Brooklyn MC Skyzoo has always held film director Spike Lee close to his heart. When Skyzoo gave The Urban Daily an interview a few months ago, he explained why Spike Lee is his favorite film director. He even went as far as to say he would have a track on his album “A Dream Deferred” dedicated solely to the Brooklyn filmmaker.

“He put Brooklyn–he put us–in front of America on the screen no holds barred,” Sky told “The thing that I drew the most from Spike was the ability to tell stories without being too biased in a sense. He’d put it on the screen and let you take from it what you thought. He gave you his opinion but no matter what side of the table you were on you could respect what was being said.”

Finally, the video for the single “Spike Lee Was My Hero”has been released. In the clip, Skyzoo recruited fellow Brooklyn son Talib Kweli to showcase some of Spike’s greatest works and candid shots from the sets of his movies. Spike Lee even makes a guest appearance.

Peep Skyzoo and Talib Kweli’s ode to the controversial Spike Lee below.


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