It’s never a complete day without hearing about Erica Mena being loud and making threats. As we reported yesterday, Erica Mena and radio DJ Angela Yee got into a heated Twitter beef because Yee was making fun of Erica’s singing ability. Mena took exception to the diss an statred making threats. Yee ended the argument that night by tweeting, “So sad that this person has a child somewhere in the world..”

Erica Mena decided she was going to take the Twitter beef to the next level and show up to Angela Yee’s job this morning. Mena brought Yee some doughnuts because Yee apparently stays hungry by talking about Mena and her son. After “singer” Erica Mena tweeted a photo of herself outside of Yee’s radio station, she began to taunt Yee. Never the one to back down from a challenge, Angela Yee sent one tweet in response to Erica, “It’s 6:04am do you know where your son is?”

Erica Mena is absolutely out of her mind, but we wonder if she’s going so hard at Angela Yee because Yee might might be closer to the truth with her barbs than we think? We’ll find out in days to come.



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