Last week’s game changer episode of “Scandal” had Olivia Pope stunting and politricking to save her boo, President Fitzgerald Grant III, only to have him serve her the ultimate shade by revoking all her mistress privileges. In a church, no less.  As the camera pulled away from a devastated Liv doing her signature lip quiver I thought, “There’s no crying in gladiating!”

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Tonight’s episode hints at a new romance with newcomer Scott Foley (Team Noel!) and even more political hijinks for Miss Pope, but I’mma need my girl to stop taking her relationship cues from Carrie Bradshaw – dysfunctional love is never the answer.

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Liv’s reign as Queen Gladiator may be on shaky ground, but there’s an equally fierce, bad ass chick holding it down on Thursday nights.  Beautiful and lethal, “Archer’s” Lana Kane is James Bond and Foxy Brown rolled into one.  Like Liv, Lana is usually the smartest cookie in the room, is dedicated to serving and protecting her country, and has a taste for the interracial swirl.   But while Olivia tends to get all googly-eyed whenever Fitz walks into a room, Lana Kane has no problem directing her ex, Sterling Archer to a stadium of seats.  Their love/hate bickering makes for some of the show’s funniest scenes.

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