This young woman will never learn. Erica Mena of “Love & Hip-Hop” fame was involved in another face clawing fight. Everything was caught on camera by the reality show’s crew and other guests at the event.

As the story goes, Mena was hosting an event at The Nail Lounge in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. Everything was all fine and well until Lil Kim‘s new artist Tiffany Foxx arrived at the nail salon. The two women began having a conversation which escalated into a shouting match nad eventual brawl when Foxx revealed she used to be one of Rich Dollaz‘s lovers.

With Erica being the hot head she is, didn’t wait for Tiffany Foxx to finish whatever she was saying before she hooked Foxx in the face. The women continued to scrap despite people trying to break up the altercation. Mind you, Rich Dollaz was there the during the whole incident and made no attempt to end the beef between Mena and Foxx.

Things seem to die down once other attendees managed to separate them. However, both were adamant about fighting. When things seemed to be calmed, Tiffany Foxx comes out of nowhere and mollywops Mena. Despite being hit in the face multiple times, Erica Mena took to Twitter to declare her victory over Foxx, tweeting, “Yeah I knocked @Tiffsway The F*ck Out Tonight SOO Classic! …  She wanted A Min of Knock out fame and got it!!!”

This is why we still ain’t free! They need to stop with all of this foolishness in public.
UPDATE: Tiffany Foxx reached out to us on Twitter to tell us that she was not the girl in the video. However, it is a blond named Tiffany, just not her. Tiffany Foxx’s handle on twitter is @1TiffanyFoxx not @Tiffsway. Apologies, but either way that fight was crazy.



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