Well, she may not be on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta anymore but that wouldn’t stop three “Bloggers” from trespassing on Sheree “She By Sheree” Whitfield’s property to take pictures of her and/or her home to post on-line. TMZ is reporting that Sheree had to go to a court and obtain three temporary restraining orders in Georgia at the end of Feb against; Tamara Brawner, Quentin Latham and Michelle Brown respectively.

According to TMZ, the most egregious violation of privacy came specifically from Tamara Brawner who was allegedly spying on the “Who’s gonna check me boo?” star and had been trespassing on her property since 2011. This was all done to write a blog called “Chateau Sheree” about the construction of Sheree’s mansion. Per the restraining order documents, Brawner even gained access in to Whitfield’s home.

OK, now going into the house is far past over the line. In fact it’s creepy. Why is anyone going through so much trouble over a woman who is no longer even on the RHWOA anyway? Does anyone really care anymore about the construction of “Chateau Sheree”? Sounds like someone was getting their five minutes off of someone else’s five minutes and they didn’t want to let it go. However, if  you are entering people’s homes illegally, it’s time to do just that, let it go.


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